Snow-white wedding in the middle of a pine forest

The marriage one of the most important and most determining events of our life, that all of us we would like to turn it unforgettable and memorable. The newly married couple has to ensure the love, the happiness and all the populous guests, but the standard, the elegance and the high-level service our task maximally to realise!

We are able to provide and furnish our conference room for the married couple’s needs, choosing the decoration and getting together the wedding menu list. Our main wedding hall can be separated for three different parts, so it is suitable from smaller events to 150 seats dinners to the 350 seats weddings as well. In the main event hall there is a 25 m2 size orchestra stage with all the latest sound system and lighting.

When we created our hotel we tried to put everything together like in a complex, so we are strongly with care for the outside visitors as well. You can enjoy the events for late night, so when you get tired, you just get in to our spacious lift, and you can choose one of our 29 room including two suites. Furthermore we have 7 rooms and one apartment within our Horse Ranch guesthouse.

Wedding gift for “just married”

  • Our exclusive Honeymoon Suite with Jacuzzi, Infra Sauna and Four-poster Bed is our hotel’s wedding present for weddings organized on Saturdays with over 120 persons within our hotel’s „Fenyves Event Hall”, where they both can prepare on the big day.
  • Our Junior Suite is our hotel’s wedding present for weddings organized on Saturdays within our hotel’s „Fenyves Wine Cellar” with over 50 persons, while our Arbo Guesthouse exclusive Suite also our wedding present for weddings organized Fridays and Saturdays within our „Arbo Event Hall” with over 40 persons.
  • Our Welness Centre can be used for free of charge for the „Just Married” on the day after of the wedding, furthermore if required our Chariot is available for a romantic ride.
  • Only foam on the wedding cake, that the first year’s wedding anniversary candle light dinner within our Fenyvess Inn Restaurant is also our wedding present!
  • For Friday weddings our hotel can provide further extra offers for the ones who wish to get married!

Helping for the implementation…

Our hotel event organizer can be help your whole wedding preparations, including the indoor and outdoor decorations, photographer, musician, brides’ man, and the most important visual elements – like chocolate fountain, special fruit compositions, horse carriage, fireworks, pigeons and butterflies, star guests – as well. Our hotel is the best location for your wedding photos because there is a 6 hectares green pine forest surrounded by the hotel, furthermore we have a nice looking fishing pond with wooden bridge and resting place island. For those couples who would like to say the beatific “yes” outdoors officially, there is a possibility to take their official wedding ceremony at our outdoor wooden pine forest surrounded “summer house” with 100 seats.

Dreamed about Chariot Wedding?

Our hotel’s Horse Ranch exclusice Wedding Chariot deal:

  • Four-in-hand chariot rental: 20.000 HUF / hour (available for bookings for minimum 2 hours)
  •  Two-in-hand chariot rental: 15.000 HUF / hour (available for bookings for minimum 2 hours)


Please click here to see our actual wedding deal sevices and menus!

Weddings Photos


For more detailed information please ask our event organizer:

Tarcsai Judit
Wedding organizer