Trip to the Wooded Plains called “Erdőspuszták”

Erdőspuszták (Wooded Plains) are situated about ten km far in the east of the town in a semi-circular arch. It is a typical area in Nyírség with sand drift hills, sand oak-woods and meadows. Debrecen obtained the wooded lands between the end of the sixteenth and the end of the eighteenth century. They have become the recreation area of Debrecen since 1974.

A trip to Erdőspuszta provide an excellent possibility for recreation and rest as well as to familiarize yourself with the characteristic flora and fauna of the area.


Bánk: The so called Erdőspuszta Exhibition House built in 1982 can be found here where exhibitions entitled “Flora, fauna, birds and small mammals in Erdőspuszta” and “Life in Erdőspuszta” arranged from the collections of Déri Museum await visitors. In the well-kept garden around the house the works of art made in the Wood Carvers’ Camp organized in Hajdú-Bihar County can be seen, among others wood-carving about Saint Stephen and a belfry. Through a so called Székely gate behind the Exhibition House you can enter the
Botanical Garden where there is a 3 km long path showing the native vegetation of the area. A special attraction of the garden is a lookout among the Scotch firs and the “Vákáncsos” Farm that presents the living place and everyday life of the old local forest workers called “vákáncsosok” . Excellent fishing-places can be found at the ponds called “Mézeshegyi-tavak” near here.

You can get there by car or bicycle towards Létavértes.

Fancsikai-tavak (Fancsika Ponds): The ponds in Erdőspuszta among others the Fancsika Ponds had been established from the beginning of the 1970s to supply underground water that had diminished at an extremely low level in consequence of water control. In Fancsika there are playgrounds castles built from logs for children and green grass awaiting children. In addition, there are three fishing ponds for adults and a lookout for visitors taking pleasure in the landscape.

Access: by car or bicycle from the main road no. 48 towards Vámospércs, turning to “Panoráma” road.

Hármashegyalja (Foot of Triple Hills): It is a recreation area situated 17 km far away from Debrecen. Its name derives from the fact that the wind-blown sand-dunes are so high that people called them “hills”. A lookout tower was built on the highest point of this tourist spot at 157 m above sea level. Being an intact area, Hármashegyalja provides various forms of entertainment to visitors by offering more and more services. The area is the right spot for standard open-air events that offers a large scope of open-air programmes more and more often. In the area you can walk to Hármashegy Pond and the look-out tower in a few minute walk.

Access: You can go to Hármashatárhegy by car on Vámospércsi road or in one of the oldest narrow-gauge railway in our country called Zsuzsi-train that leaves at the station in Faraktár street in Debrecen. There is a cycle path leading parallel to the railway.

Zsuzsi Narrow-Gauge Railway: The route has been passing the most picturesque parts in Debrecen belonging to the Wooded Plains in South-Nyírség for 125 years. It passes hiking routes, brooks, fields and old oak woods. It gives you an insight into the characteristic local farms, in some place passing the green “tunnels” formed by tree leaves. Attentive visitors can “meet” beautiful forest animals. In the green carriages with windows that can be let down and wooden benches you can smell the scent of grass and woods in summer and in winter you spend the 45-minute-journey feeling really nostalgia in the carriages equipped with coal-heating stoves.

Route: Debrecen-Fatelep – Hármashegyalja

Lake Vekeri: The busiest and most developed recreation area of the Wooded Plains was built along Lake Vekeri. Vekeri Recreation Area is the ideal spot for one-day trips, festivals, light music concerts, class-trips and summer camps. On the lake you can go in a boat or go fishing. Near Lake Vekeri Dorcas Center & Camping can be found.

Access: by bus, bicycle and car from public road no.47 towards Hosszúpályi.

Dorcas Centre and Campsite is situated by Lake Vekeri. Sports grounds, (for playing football, handball basketball and volleyball), a restaurant “children’s island” (playing ground with wooden toys), outdoor pool await children, school-children and young people in any part of the year. Apartments for five and six persons with all conveniences, bungalows equipped with 4-8 beds as well as two- and three-bed rooms with a shower are available for young people. Dorcas Centrte and Campsite is excellently suitable for arranging one or several day class-trips and friends’ reunions. Its 4 four-bed bungalows and the central bathroom are all obstacle-free.

Access: by bus, bicycle and car from public road no.47towards Hosszúpályi.